Monday, August 2, 2010

Stones for Study and Crystals for Concentration

Stress is not just for adults, children feel it too! Peer pressure can create a host of emotional, mental and physical issues that will affect their study and absorption of knowledge. Learning disabilities can make school pure torture for some children!

Very soon students will be going back to school and some people have asked me what gemstones would help them. There are quite a few gemstones that will help in different situations and you will need to see which gemstones resonate best with your body or spirit, for each of us reacts differently to each stone's vibration.

Let's start with stress - one of the leading contributors to health issues and learning blockages. There are a variety of stones for stress: Snowflake Obsidian, Kunzite, Sugilite and Fluorite are the top vote-getters to calm the nerves. Each has other metaphysical properties that will also work on the students behalf.

Snowflake Obsidian balances the mind, body, and spirit while it calms, soothes and helps to bring focus. It makes the mind more receptive to learning, teaches that mistakes and successes are both valuable lessons and aids in decision making. Mahogany Obsidian has these traits as well as inspiring one to attain their goals and promote intellectual growth, but it is not as effective in cutting through stress.

Kunzite aids focus, meditation and removes stress but also works on self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles and/or challenges while it aids in calming the body and mind during tests.

Sugilite (Luvulite) is a wonderful stone for people with learning difficulties, dyslexia, autism or feeling like a square peg in a round hole world. It promotes harmony with oneself as well as with one's peers. This purple stone will promote cooperation, self-confidence, positive thoughts and actions, calm the nerves while eliminating headaches and combating fatigue. It helps you to understand what is being taught, will facilitate memory retention and inspire you to be a good student.

Fluorite not only reduces stress, but aids with shyness, coordination, balance, self-confidence, concentration, organization and structure while promoting quick thinking and effective decision making. It is a wonderful stone to use for the absorption of information and knowledge.

Rhodochrosite is another crystal that would be good in stressful situations, as it will help to maintain balance and control while at the same time instilling a positive attitude, self-confidence and self-worth. This stone also allows one to retain new information and also allows you to see all sides of a complicated situation or challenge.

Rhodonite helps to maintain balance but also inspires one to achieve their highest potential, while at the same time stimulating unconditional love, confidence and support of one's self and others. It also aids in bringing about a feeling of harmony and cooperation with others.

A really good studying and motivational stone is Mangano Calcite, for it instills a quest for knowledge, brings focus, reduces emotional stress, boosts memory retention while supporting a feeling of self-worth and self-acceptance. Proper nutrition and growth is one other characteristic that this gentle stone promotes.

For the student that is highly challenged and dealing with a lot of negative peer pressure, Gypsum (also known as alabaster or fibrous selenite) will build strength of character through right action and thought. It molds and shapes lovingly, while encouraging growth, quests for knowledge and improvement of intellect.

These stones can be carried in pockets, in book bags, placed next to them on the study table, placed in pieces of jewelry that are worn or they can be made into an elixir by the indirect method of infusion.

Want to create a better study or meditation environment? Place Sulphur and/or Salt Crystal Lamps in the area to increase mental alertness, concentration, reduce stress and create a positive working atmosphere. These two crystals can also help to create a healthy environment. Placing chunks of Rose Quartz and Amethyst around the room would be helpful as well.

Sulphur removes negative thinking, destructive tendencies, willfulness, and distractions of thought and emotions. It promotes reasoning skills and decision making. Sulphur is energizing, inspiring and stimulates the intellect while encouraging perfection of self.

Halite or Salt Crystals Lamps elevate a person's mood while cleansing the air and reducing the negativity. It promotes independence, self-confidence, intelligence, respect, decision making while enhancing insight.

Rose Quartz instills self-worth, self-acceptance, unconditional love, respect, and calms the body, mind and spirit.

Amethyst is known as the overall healer and has wonderful properties for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It quiets an over-active mind to alleviate insomnia and aid in sleep. It helps with decision making as it brings clarity of mind and emotions. Concentration, memory retention, and balance of all bodies are other characteristics of this beautiful stone.

These are but a handful of stones that can assist one with higher learner. They can be used individually or in a variety of combinations as needed. Working with gemstones will not only give you more insight into their world, but you'll learn more about yourself as well!


  1. I have been using crystals for the last couple of a 56 year old college sophomore...I have found that an amethyst geode held during studying...then placed at my desk during testing has been very efficient...I carry a 4.0 grade average...glo...Laredo, TX

  2. I'm an adult student that has returned back to college.